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MuxXpert - Real-Time Transport-Stream Multiplexer  


Real-Time Transport-Stream Multiplexer

DekTec's transport-stream remultiplexer software. Runs on a standard- or industrial PC with all DekTec input and output adapters. Allows re-multiplexing of services and service components from any input to any output


Key Characteristics

#TS Inputs 0 .. 64*
#TS Outputs 1 .. 64*
#File Players 0 .. 32*
∑ Input Rates 0 .. 300Mbit/s*
∑ Output Rates 0 .. 300Mbit/s*

* Not all combinations are allowed. Maximum depends on CPU and RAM. A limited number of channels are shown in the UI.

Features Change TS composition
(P)SI extraction and regeneration
Add/modify/drop PIDs, services, tables and descriptors
Save result stream to file
Playlist with hot folder

Supported Adapters

PC Support

OS Windows 7*, 8*, 10, 11
Win Server 12*, 16, 19, 22

* From June 2023, driver updates for Windows 7, 8, and Server 2012 will no longer be provided. Application installers will include June 2023 drivers as the final versions for these editions.

Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs

RAM 2GB or more


MuxXpert real-time transport-stream multiplexer software with integrated players

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


  • Real-time multiplexing and re-multiplexing of live transport streams and contents from files.
  • Automatic PSI and DVB-SI extraction, re-generation and insertion.
  • Flexible configuration allows adaptation of PIDs, services, tables, descriptors, etc.
  • User interface provides information about services, components and bitrates in the input and output transport streams.


  • Master and Head-End (re-)multiplexing and local program insertion.
  • Creation of fully customized transport streams from files and live feeds.
  • Redistribution of DVB-S2 services over cable networks (e.g. with DTA-2127 and DTA-2111B).

Block Diagram

MuxXpert block diagram


MuxXpert screenshot

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