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MuxXpert - Real-time transport-stream multiplexer  


Real-time transport-stream multiplexer

DekTec's transport-stream remultiplexer software. Runs on a standard- or industrial PC with all DekTec input and output adapters. Allows re-multiplexing of services and service components from any input to any output


Key Characteristics

#TS Inputs 0 .. 64*
#TS Outputs 1 .. 64*
#File Players 0 .. 32*
∑ Input Rates 0 .. 300Mbit/s*
∑ Output Rates 0 .. 300Mbit/s*

* Not all combinations are allowed. Maximum depends on CPU and RAM. A limited number of channels are shown in the UI.

Features Change TS composition
(P)SI extraction and regeneration
Add/modify/drop PIDs, services, tables and descriptors
Save result stream to file
Playlist with hot folder

Supported Adapters

DVB-ASI DTA-100, 105, 112, 115
DTA-116, 117, 120, 124
DTA-140, 145, 160
DTA-2136, 2137C, 2142
DTA-2144B, 2145, 2152
DTA-2154, 2160, 2174
DTE-3100, 3120
DTU-205, 225, 245
Modulators DTA-107, 111, 112, 115
DTA-116, 117,
DTA-2107, 2111, 2115B
DTA-2154, 2160, 2174
DTU-215, 315
Receivers DTA-2131, 2136, 2137C
DTA-2138B, 2139
TS over IP DTA-160, 2160, 2162
PC network port

PC Support

Windows7, 8, 10
 Server 12, 16, 19
Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs

RAM 2GB or more


MuxXpert real-time transport-stream multiplexer software with integrated players

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


  • Real-time multiplexing and re-multiplexing of live transport streams and contents from files
  • Automatic PSI and DVB-SI extraction, re-generation and insertion
  • Flexible configuration allows adaptation of PIDs, services, tables, descriptors, etc.
  • User interface provides information about services, components and bitrates in the input and output transport streams


  • Master and Head-End (re-)multiplexing and local program insertion
  • Creation of fully customized transport streams from files and live feeds
  • Redistribution of DVB-S2 services over cable networks (e.g. with DTA-2137C and DTA-2111)

Block Diagram

MuxXpert block diagram


MuxXpert screenshot

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