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MuxXpert API SDK - MuxXpert API SDK  

MuxXpert API SDK

MuxXpert API SDK

The MuxXpert SDK is a development kit for creating custom real-time multiplexing applications with DekTec's MuxXpert software multiplexing framework. It provides a number of class libraries that allow users to specify the creation of new Transport Streams, including PID-remapping, PID-filtering, service-remapping, descriptor filtering and addition, generation and insertion of PSI/SI tables and more.


Key Characteristics

#TS Inputs 0 .. 64*
#TS Outputs 1 .. 64*
#File Players 0 .. 32*
∑ Input Rates 0 .. 300Mbit/s*
∑ Output Rates 0 .. 300Mbit/s*

* Not all combinations are allowed. Maximum depends on CPU and RAM.

Features Change TS composition
(P)SI extraction and regeneration
Add/modify/drop PIDs, services, tables and descriptors
Playlist with hot folder

SDK Content

MuxXpert MX Stand-alone MuxXpert real-time multiplexer application with Windows GUI
MuxXpert MR License to use the MuxXpert runtime functions in a custom application
MuxXpert runtime DLLs .NET class libraries implementing the MuxXpert runtime functions
Runtime installer Windows-Installer merge module to include the MuxXpert runtime in your application's installer
Help file MSDN-style help file documenting the MuxXpert runtime functions
Sample application Fully-featured sample application for using the MuxXpert runtime functions, with source code
Support Four hours of premium support for building custom applications with the MuxXpert runtime functions

Supported Adapters

PC Support

OS Windows 7*, 8*, 10, 11
Win Server 12*, 16, 19, 22

* From June 2023, driver updates for Windows 7, 8, and Server 2012 will no longer be provided. Application installers will include June 2023 drivers as the final versions for these editions.

Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs

RAM 2GB or more


SDK for creating custom multiplexing applications. This package includes:
- 1 license for DTC-700-MX MuxXpert GUI
- 1 license for DTC-705-MR MuxXpert runtime
- 4 hours of support
MuxXpert runtime license (1PC)

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


  • The classes can be used to create new services with custom selection criteria, process (P)SI any way you like
  • Can be used from any .NET language such as C++/CLI, C# or VB.NET
  • The real-time multiplexing functions┬árunning on one PC can be used from anywhere on the network


  • Re-multiplexer with custom SI processing
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) inserter
  • Remote control of MuxXpert
  • Generation of MuxXpert configuration files

Block Diagram

MuxXpert SDK block diagram

Sample Application

MuxXpert SDK sample application

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