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Software Development Kits (SDKs)  

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

DTAPI - world renowned for its ease of use - enables you to integrate DekTec hardware in your application. Other SDKs are available for adding sophisticated digital-video functions to your application without having to reinvent the wheel.
Please note that some SDKs can also be used without DekTec hardware.


Hardware Products

DekTec products categorized per bus.

Software Products

DekTec software can be divided in desktop applications for end-users, and drivers and SDKs for developers.

Products per Function

Overview of DekTec SDKs


DTAPI – Integration of DekTec devices in custom applications

  • C++ API for Windows and Linux
  • Works with all devices supported by the Dta and Dtu driver, and with DTE-3100, 3120, 3137
  • Supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015
  • Includes DTAPI.NET and Dta/Dtu driver
MatrixApi - Real-time audio/video processing in software

DekTec Matrix API® 2.0 – Real-time audio/video processing in software

  • Set of DTAPI classes for the real-time processing of audio and video data received/transmitted with DekTec SD-, HD- and 3G-SDI
  • Abstracts from threading, memory management and hardware complexities allowing your application to focus on processing the video, audio and auxiliary data
DTC-705-MR - MuxXpert API runtime license

MuxXpert API runtime – MuxXpert API runtime license

  • Runtime license for applications created with MuxXpert SDK
  • Real-time multiplexing functions
  • Parameter control through remote API
  • SI extraction and regeneration
DTC-706-MS - MuxXpert API SDK

MuxXpert API SDK – MuxXpert API SDK

  • SDK for creating custom real-time multiplexing apps
  • Includes 1xDTC-700-MX + 1xDTC-705-MR
  • MSDN style help file
  • Merge module for custom installers
  • Includes four hours of premium DekTec support
DTC-302-RC - Remote control API for StreamXpress

SpRcApi – Remote control API for StreamXpress

  • API for sending commands to StreamXpress for automated file playout
  • All StreamXpress commands are available through the API
DtmHandler - DTM API

DtmHandler – C/C++ API for DTM-32xx devices

  • DTM-32xx protocol handler source
  • Use these functions to include a protocol handler in your application
  • DtmCmd (Windows/Linux command line tool for controlling the DTM-32xx devices) is available as an example of using DtmHandler