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FFmpeg - FFmpeg Integration for DekTec Devices  

FFmpeg Integration for DekTec Devices

Unlock the power of FFmpeg for real-time streaming of SDI or SMPTE 2110 via DekTec devices. We have added DekTec device support to the 'ffmpeg' and 'ffplay' command-line utilities, and to the FFmpeg libraries for custom application development.
DekTec has also added the new .sdi file format for storage of raw SDI streams.


Key Additions to FFmpeg

ffmpeg Added '-f dektec' for real-time SDI/2110 input/output via DekTec devices.
ffplay Added '-f dektec' to show an SDI/2110 stream from a DekTec device in a window.
.sdi file format New format for SDI storage. Supported by ffmpeg, ffplay and FFmpeg libraries.
Added real-time DekTec support and .sdi file format, for custom apps.

Supported DekTec Adapters

DTA-2110 1x 10G SFP+ for ST 2110
DTA-2172 2x SDI in or out
DTA-2174B 4x SDI in or out
DTA-2178 8x SDI in or out

Video - Supported Formats

HD/3G 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1080psf
SD 480i, 576i
Frame rate 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30Hz
50, 59.94, 60Hz

Audio - Supported Formats

Format PCM
Sample rate 48kHz
Sample size 20-, 24-bit

PC Support

Linux ≥4.x, 5.x
Windows 10, 11; Server 19, 22
Processor Core i7

Or equivalent AMD CPU


  • Comprehensive Integration: Supports a wide range of DekTec devices, enabling direct transmission and reception of SMPTE 2110 and SDI streams via FFmpeg.
  • Cross-Platform: With support for both Windows and Linux, our solution allows you to leverage the full power of FFmpeg, independent of your OS choice.
  • .sdi File Format: Introduced as part of our integration, this proprietary yet open format enables FFmpeg to read and write AV streams as .sdi files.


  • Real-Time Encoding/Decoding: Utilize the 'ffmpeg' command line tool to unlock FFmpeg's extensive encoding and decoding capabilities, allowing real-time stream processing to and from DekTec devices.
  • Visual Monitoring: Use 'ffplay' for direct, real-time visualization of SDI or SMPTE 2110 AV streams in a window.
  • Bespoke Solution Development: Combine the power of FFmpeg libraries with DekTec I/O to develop custom solutions tailored to your specific product or operational needs.

FFmpeg Command-Line Examples

Explore these representative 'ffmpeg' command-line examples to get a feel for the extensive functionality of our FFmpeg integration. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg - the 'ffmpeg' tool provides countless command-line options. Furthermore, combining FFmpeg libraries with DekTec I/O opens up a world of possibilities for crafting your own bespoke applications.

The picture below, shows a configuration where the ffmpeg tool is used to stream a service, from a transport-stream file, as SMPTE-2110 video and audio streams via a DTA-2110 card.

FFmpeg SMPTE-2110 output example


  ffmpeg -i input.ts -url:v -url:a -f dektec 2110000054

Alternative, stream SDI via DTA-2178 port 4:

  ffmpeg -i input.ts -f dektec 2178000132:4

To view/listen to video/audio received with a DekTec card you can use the ffplay tool. This is illustrated in the picture below, where ffplay is used to view the contents of a SDI signal received with a DTA-2172 card.

FFmpeg SDI input example


  ffplay -f dektec -i 2172000209

Alternative, receive SMPTE-2110 streams with a DTA-2110:

  ffplay -url:v -url:a -f dektec -i 2110000054

The example below combines the previous two examples into a SDI-to-SMPTE-2110 gateway. This time the ffmpeg tool is used to route the video and audio extracted from the SDI signal received with a DTA-2172 to a DTA-2110, which transmits them as ST 2110-20 and ST 2110-30 video and audio IP streams.

FFmpeg SDI to SMPTE 2110 gateway example


  ffmpeg -f dektec -i 2172000209 -url:v -url:a
  -f dektec 2110000054

Supported DekTec Adapters

Below is a list of DekTec products that work well with our FFmpeg integration. Please note that while these have been checked for compatibility, results may vary based on your specific usage and configuration.