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DTE-3114 - Quad QAM Modulator with IP Input  


Quad QAM Modulator with IP Input

DekTec's standalone power-over-ethernet enabled Quad QAM Modulator with IP Input, with advanced time-reconstruction algorithm to overcome IP jitter.


Key Characteristics

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Control Webinterface
Modulation standards EN 300 429 (DVB-C)
J.83 Annex B (QAM-B)
J.83 Annex C (QAM-C)
RF range 32 to 1006MHz
Output level -32 to -9dBm (total)
MER >43dB
IP encapsulation IPv4
RTP (SMPTE 2022-2)
FEC SMPTE 2022-1
Jitter tolerance 1 to 120ms

Inputs and Outputs

Ethernet connector RJ-45
1x RF out 75-Ω F-type (main)
1x RF out 75-Ω F-type (monitor)

PC Support

OS Windows 10, 11
Windows Server 16, 19, 22
Linux ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x

Latest Firmware


MuxXpert Use our real-time multiplexer to create MPTS streams in real time that are converted to QAM by the DTE-3114


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Quad QAM modulator with IP input.
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  • Standalone four-channel QAM modulator with IP (TS-over-IP) inputs and RF output agile over the VHF and UHF band
  • Power-over-Ethernet support: No separate power feed required
  • Supports IP de-encapsulation and 2D FEC decoding according to SMPTE 2022-1/2
  • Removal of IP jitter with programmable size of jitter-tolerance buffer
  • LCD status display shows device identifier, bitrate, IP/MAC address and status


  • Small-scale CATV networks
  • Cable-network simulator
  • QAM test-signal generator

Powering Options

  • Through the Ethernet cable using:
    - IEEE 802.3af compatible PoE switch
    - PoE midspan power inserter
  • With DTE-PWR2 power adapter

Hardware Limitations

  • Channels must be grouped: overall spectrum of the DTE-3114 cannot be wider than 32MHz
  • All channels must operate in the same mode and with the same symbol rate
  • Not supported:
    - Scrambling of incoming Transport Streams
    - VBR input streams
    - SPTS-to-MPTS multiplexing
     (possible in software with MuxXpert)

Block Diagram

DTE-3114 block diagram

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