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Obsolete DekTec Products  

Obsolete DekTec Products

DekTec has made many products over the 15 years of its existence. Some of these products have been improved and replaced by new products.

The list below shows all obsolete DekTec products, and the recommended replacement product(s).


Type Still Available? Recommended Replacement Leaflet
DTA-100 Yes DTA-105, 145, 2144B, 2145 PDF
DTA-102 Yes DTA-2142 PDF
DTA-110(T) - DTA-115, 2111, 2115
DTU-215, 315
DTA-116 Yes - PDF
DTA-117 Yes - PDF
DTA-120 Yes DTA-105, 145, 2144B, 2145 PDF
DTA-122 Yes DTA-2142 PDF
DTA-140 Yes DTA-105, 145, 2145, 2144B PDF
DTA-545 - - PDF
DTA-2135 - DTA-2131, 2138B PDF
DTA-2154 - DTA-2174 PDF
DTA-Plus - - PDF
DTT-01 - - PDF
DTU-205 - DTU-245 PDF
DTU-225 - DTU-245 PDF
DTU-234 - DTU-236A PDF
DTU-235 - DTU-238 PDF