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News 2018


Hilversum, 2 March 2018

StreamXpert Adds Teletext Analysis

Teletext is the latest addition to the wide range of elements already presented by DekTec's Transport Stream analyzer, the StreamXpert®. Teletext has been around for decades and has survived the digitalization of television services. Most television sets support it and most set-top boxes used today include the functionality of retrieving teletext data from the stream and presenting it on the TV set as part of a selected broadcast channel.

Teletext in the StreamXpert GUI

StreamXpert UI presenting teletext data structure and decoding

StreamXpert decodes DVB Teletext (EN 300 472) information and builds the pages as they would appear on a TV screen. An engineer or operator can browse through the pages and verify that the pages decode as expected. The Teletext decoder supports up to level 2.5 Teletext and a subset of level 3.5 extensions.

The pages are visualized in StreamXpert as part of the Transport-Stream tree. All Teletext content is stored in an internal database. The user can zoom in to page or sub-page level and obtain information such as duration time and refresh interval.