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Xpect Mosaic - 24/7 TS Monitoring and Multiviewer  

Xpect Mosaic

24/7 TS Monitoring and Multiviewer

Xpect Mosaic is a software package that combines 24/7 transport-stream monitoring with a fully configurable multi viewer (Mosaic) of decoded video, audio bars and monitoring status.


Key Characteristics

TS Support DVB
ATSC 1.0
Features Full TR 101 290
Black-frame detection
Freeze-frame detection
Audio-silence detection
Template matching
Mosaic MPEG-2/AVC video
Audio bars (EBU R128)
Subtitle decoding
Error border
Fully configurable
Statistics Min/max/average bitrate
Delay factor
Packet loss
Control Web interface (Silverlight)

Mosaic Performance Indication

64bit Win7 Core i7 3770 60x SD AVC/MP2V
5x HD AVC + 30x SD AVC/MP2V

Supported Adapters

ATSC 1.0 DTA-2131, 2139C
DVB-ASI DTA-145, 160, 2144B,
2145, 2152, 2154, 2160,
2172, 2174, 2174B, 2175, 2178, 2178-ASI, 2179, 2195
DTE-3120, DTU-245*
* Not recommended for operational
   use; ok for evaluation)
DVB-C/C2 DTA-2131, 2138B, 2139B, 2139C
DVB-S/S2 DTA-2132, 2137C, DTE-3137
DVB-T/T2 DTA-2131, 2138B, 2139B, 2139C
ISDB-T DTA-2131, 2138B, 2139B, 2139C
QAM DTA-2131, 2136, 2138B, 2139B, 2139C
TS over IP DTA-160, 2160, 2162
PC network port

PC Support

OS Windows 7*, 8*, 10, 11
Win Server 12*, 16, 19, 22

* From June 2023, driver updates for Windows 7, 8, and Server 2012 will no longer be provided. Application installers will include June 2023 drivers as the final versions for these editions.

64 bit only
Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs

RAM 6GB or more
Recommended video card AMD R7 250


Please contact DekTec for availability of Xpect.


  • Overall status indication and access to event log information using the Web interface.
  • Remote configuration-tool for easy definition and uploading of TR 101 290, template matching profiles and mosaic lay-out.
  • Software-based solution that runs on standard PC hardware.


  • 24/7 network supervision.
  • Automated equipment test and validation.
  • Fully customizable OEM multi viewer.

Xpect Mosaic output

Xpect Mosaic output

Xpect web interface

Xpect Mosaic output

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