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DekTec - Jobs in Hilversum  

DekTec - Jobs in Hilversum

The programming team at DekTec headquarters in Hilversum, the Netherlands, is currently seeking passionate C++ programmers helping us to develop the next generations of PCI Express cards, USB devices and standalone modules for professional video.



DekTec Digital Video B.V.
Godelindeweg 4
1217HR, Hilversum
The Netherlands


For more information or to apply please email your resume to

C++ Programmer

DekTec creates PCI Express cards and USB devices for interfacing digital video signals to PCs. Companies like Samsung and Sony use our tools to develop the latest generation of TV sets. Manufacturers of broadcast equipment use DekTec cards for transporting and processing video for high-profile events like the Olympic games.

In our system philosophy interface adapters are 'dumb' and software is 'smart'. The adapters "just" copy data in and out of PC memory (but they are using an ultra-smart DMA controller ;-). The software does all the processing, in the cleverest way possible. The programming language of choice is therefore C++, the mightiest programming language on earth.

We are looking for C++ programmers for whom designing, programming and optimizing world-class solutions is their passion. Depending on your specific interests we have work in programming Linux- and Windows drivers, libraries (SDK), embedded Linux systems, and end-user applications.