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Software Development Kits (SDKs)  

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

DTAPI - world renowned for its ease of use - enables you to integrate DekTec hardware in your application. Other SDKs are available for adding sophisticated digital-video functions to your application without having to reinvent the wheel.
Please note that some SDKs can also be used without DekTec hardware.


Software Products

Overview of DekTec SDKs


DTAPI – Integration of DekTec devices in custom applications

  • C++ API for Windows and Linux
  • Works with all devices supported by the Dta, Dtu and DtPcie driver, and with DTE-3100, 3120, 3137
  • Supports Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022
  • Includes DTAPI.NET and Dta/Dtu driver
MatrixApi - Real-Time Audio/video Processing In Software

DekTec Matrix API 2.0 – Real-Time Audio/video Processing In Software

  • Set of DTAPI classes for the real-time processing of audio and video data received/transmitted with DekTec SD-, HD- and 3G-SDI
  • Abstracts from threading, memory management and hardware complexities allowing your application to focus on processing the video, audio and auxiliary data
DTC-705-MR - MuxXpert API Runtime License

MuxXpert API runtime – MuxXpert API Runtime License

  • Runtime license for applications created with MuxXpert SDK
  • Real-time multiplexing functions
  • Parameter control through remote API
  • SI extraction and regeneration
DTC-706-MS - MuxXpert API SDK

MuxXpert API SDK – MuxXpert API SDK

  • SDK for creating custom real-time multiplexing apps
  • Includes 1xDTC-700-MX + 1xDTC-705-MR
  • MSDN style help file
  • Merge module for custom installers
  • Includes four hours of premium DekTec support
DTC-302-RC - Remote Control API for StreamXpress

SpRcApi – Remote Control API for StreamXpress

  • API for sending commands to StreamXpress for automated file playout
  • All StreamXpress commands are available through the API
DtmHandler - DTM API

DtmHandler – C/C++ API for DTM-32xx devices

  • DTM-32xx protocol handler source
  • Use these functions to include a protocol handler in your application
  • DtmCmd (Windows/Linux command line tool for controlling the DTM-32xx devices) is available as an example of using DtmHandler