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DTU-315 - All-standard all-band modulator for USB-3  


All-standard all-band modulator for USB-3

Modulation has never been so easy and so beautiful. The DTU-315 is a portable modulator for satellite, terrestrial and cable, all in a single device.
A good fit for laptop or tablet, but convenient with desktops and server PCs too.


Key Characteristics

RF frequency VHF, UHF, L band
36 to 2150MHz
Mod. bandwidth Up to 70MHz
RF output level -45 to -25dBm

Modulation Standards

Standards included with base product ATSC 8VSB
DVB-T, DVB-T2 single PLP
Options ATSC-M/H
ATSC 3.0
DVB-T2 multi PLP
More options I/Q sample playout
AWGN insertion
Multipath echo simulation
Remotely controlled playout
GOLD option All options in this table, plus all future modulation options developed for the DTU-315

PC Support

PC USB port USB 3.0 required

DTU-315 will not work with USB-2

OS Windows 7 minimum
Windows 10 recommended

Currently not supported on Linux

Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs


StreamXpress Play TS files and control modulation parameters
XpressSim Channel simulator
(StreamXpress option)
T2Xpress DVB-T2 signal generator, full control of modulation parameters and integrated channel simulator
C2Xpress DVB-C2 signal generator, full control of modulation parameters and integrated channel simulator
TmmXpress ISDB-Tmm signal generator, full control of modulation parameters and integrated channel simulator
SpRcApi StreamXpress remote control API for automated playout and modulation
DekTec SDKs Create your own full-custom application with modulated output via the DTU-315


All-standard all-band modulator for USB-3 with StreamXpress player software.
All-standard all-band modulator for USB-3 with all current and future modulation options, channel simulation and StreamXpress including remote control.
1U-height 19-inch rackmount kit for holding up to eight DTU-315 units.
Modulation Options

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts are available, please request a quotation.


  • Supports all constellations and modulation modes for each supported standard.
  • Excellent signal quality through direct digital synthesis of the RF output signal.
  • No power supply required: A single USB-3 connection supplies power, real-time data and control.


  • General-purpose test modulator in your R&D lab for developing, qualifying or repairing any equipment with an antenna input.
  • Portable demo set for TV receivers, easy to carry to customer demos, trade shows, etc.
  • TV distribution using modulated signals in shops, hotels, hospitals etc.

Block Diagram

The DTU-315 reads data from USB and forwards it to a baseband modulator, a channel filter, an optional channel simulator and an upconverter. The digital RF signal is converted to analog with a high-speed D-to-A converter and output on a micro-BNC connector.

DTU-315 block diagram

Key Features of the DTU-315 Explained

The presentation below explains key features and benefits of the DTU-315.

DTU-315 in Action

A tablet drives the DTU-315. The RF output signal is shown on a spectrum analyzer.

DTU-315 driven by a tablet


A rackmount kit (DTR-315-RACK) is available to install up to eight DTU-315 units in a 19" rack.

DTU-315 in 19-inch rack-mount kit

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